Holkham Classic Sculptures
Holkham Classic Sculptures
Copy of Homer

Copy of Homer

From the Marble copy of a portrait of the Farnese Homer by Peter von Verschaffelt (1710–1793).

This Holkham marble was purchased in Rome by Matthew Brettingham for Thomas Coke, on March 11th, 1752 for 74 crowns and 30 pauls.

During his stay in Rome from 1737 - 1751 the Flemish sculptor created this copy of the well known portrait of the "Father of Poetry", which was formerly in the Palazzo Farnese and is now in the Museo Nazionale, Naples. All portraits of the poet are imaginary, differing according to the perceptions of the various artists, who strove to invent a format to express vividly the visionary aspect of Homer's genius. According to most ancient authors, he was blind, and the physical handicap stimulated a variety of artistic responses; with this formula the lack of sight is through half closed eyelids. The ultra-realistic conception of the man is a device of Hellenistic art of the period 250 to 150BC.

Price: £1,600